Class Information


Dates for 2018
January: Summer Bootcamp
Term 1 2018: January 29 - April 13 (11 weeks)
Term 2: April 30 - July 6 (10 weeks)
Term 3: July 23 - October  7 (10 weeks)
Term 4: October 22 - December 22 ( 9 weeks)

Alma Flamenca provides classes from Beginner to Professional Levels, and performance opportunities from student fiestas to professional work opportunities.

Class Levels, Information & What to Wear (See Below) - (For the Class Timetable Click Here)

Flamenkito Kids

Friday 4:30-5:15

Flamenco classes for kids from 4-6 years of age. A fun way for kids to explore rhythm and coordination and learn about Spanish language and culture. Students will enjoy a high energy class with lots of different activities including footwork patterns, learning to twirl a manton or cape and playing percussion!

Level 1: Flamenco Fundamentals I Classes

Wednesday 17:45-18:45 (Thebarton)

Saturday 1030- 11:30 (CBD)

Among the many reasons to dance flamenco, Flamenco is a fun, passionate and rewarding artform that will improve your fitness, body awareness, coordination and sense of ryhthm. This beginner course is for the complete beginners or for those dancers who would like to refresh their core techniques. It covers the complete basics of flamenco dance including arm shapes, hand movements, body movements, turns, and how to make funky music with your feet! By the end of this course you will be able to dance some verses of Bulerias/Tangos (short fiesta dances). This course will develop strong enough technique to graduate into the Monday 6pm Beginner II class or with several terms into the Tuesday night elementary-intermediate class. Ole!

Fundamentals I classes are complimentary and work well together for those students who want to do more classes and progress more rapidly.

Level 2: Elementary - Technique and Tientos

Saturday 11:30-1pm

Wednesday 7:15-8:45pm

This course is aimed at a bridging level to propel students into Intermediate level, but will benefit any dancers who want to add to their repetoire of Bulerias and Tangos por fiesta (short fiesta style solos which all dancers should eventually learn). It also covers aspects of improvisation, communication with the singers and musicians, palmas, and jaleo. A must for any flamenco dancer who would like to feel confident with Bulerias and Tangos and performing solos with live singers and musicians. Advanced performers will join this class fortnightly for training, which in itself is a great experience for intermediate students.

Basic techniques are revised at a fast pace with a focus on building strength, speed, full body coordination, and basic theory on flamenco palos and choreography. Beginners I and Beginner II classes are complimentary and work well together for those students who want to do more classes and progress more rapidly.

Level 3: Intermediate - Advanced Classes

Thursdays 7-8pm Technique; 8-9pm Choreography (Solea por Bulerías)

These classes are designed for flamenco dancers who understand the basic rhythms of flamenco and have a good grasp of how to coordinate their arms, hands and footwork. The aim to reach an advanced level to confidently complete advanced classes in Spain. Students will train in some great techniques for upper body strength, footwork, speed, turns and palmas and will work up a sweat. The choreography class will cover Seguiriyas and some funky bulerias/tangos choreography done to popular flamenco letras (songs) so that students can use their new-found steps in fiestas or for little solos!

The aim of these two classes is to develop a richer repetoire of techniques and choreographies for intermediate students and to eventually bridge students who have had years of experience in flamenco into a more advanced - performance level.

Level 4: Advanced- Professional Class *** Please inquire before attending these classes

Tuesdays 7-8pm Technique; 8-9pm Choreography (Solea por Bulerias)

This class not for the faint hearted! Technique class designed to mirror the level of choreographic difficulty, techniques and stamina required for the successful completion of advanced classes in Spain. Students will learn more about how the letras connect with the dance, how to develop choreographies, perform in groups, and will also focus on each students ability to dance solos. Palos covered in 2015 are Farruca, Alegrias and por Fiesta solos.

Flamenco Elements:
Tuesday 6-7pm - Bata de Cola
Thursday 6:45-7:15pm - Manton
Castanets will be taught in all classes
Private lessons by appointment

These classes are designed to develop the all rounded dancer and to master the skills of the Flamenco Elements including the Spanish Manton (Shawl), Abanico (Fan), Baston (cane), Bata de Cola (skirt with long tail) and Palmas. NOTE: These classes will not run while Roshanne is in training in Spain.

Click Here to view the weekly class timetable/locations. Email Roshanne if you have further questions.

Alma Flamenca Performance Rehearsals:

Monday 6:30-8:30

What to wear:

For beginners a comfortable tighter fitting shirt and pants will be sufficient. However you are most welcome to wear a full flared skirt. For all levels above beginners girls (and boys if they choose to learn) will need a long full flared skirt and a tighter fitting top. Boys usually wear full length pants : )

Hints for shoes:

The shoe below is inappropriate. It is a little too strappy, too thinner heel and too high.

These are flamenco shoes... The closer you can get to this, the better it will be for your feet and for the sound you will get... or just buy flamenco shoes from the net at it depends how keen you are! : ) I also have some pairs of shoes for sale ladies size 35-37.5


Shoes (recommended for girls) and Boots (recommended for boys)


Class Locations

Alma Flamenca Dance Classes are held at 2 venues:

The Dancers Lab, 39 Winwood St, (cnr Holland St) Thebarton SA

Utopia Arts, 2 Percy Court, Adelaide CBD (just off Gilbert St)


Class Timetables


*See UPCOMING WORKSHOPS & Boot Camp details below regular class timetable. Contact Alma Flamenca directly for information on fees.

The table below was updated on 18th of October 2017 for Term 4 2017 information


Time Place
Flamenkitos - Flamenco for kids (ages 4-6yrs) Friday 4:30-5:15 CBD
Level 1: Beginners Flamenco Fundamentals with short choreographies
Wednesday 17:45-18:45
Level 1: Beginners Flamenco Fundamentals with short choreographies Saturday 10:30-11:30 CBD
Level 2: Elementary-Intermediate Technique y Tientos Saturday 11:30-1pm CBD
Level 2: Elementary-Intermediate Technique y Tientos Wednesday 18:45-19:15 Thebarton
Level 3: Upper Intermediate-Advanced Solea por Bulerias Thursday 19:00-20:00 Thebarton
Level 3: Upper Intermediate-Advanced Choreography - Solea por Bulerias Thursday 20:00-21:00 Thebarton
Level 4: Advanced Technique
Tuesday 19:00-20:00
Level 4: Advanced Choreography - Solea por Bulerias
Tuesday 20:00-21:00
All Levels: Flamenco Elements Manton Wednesday 18:45-19:15 Thebarton
All Levels: Flamenco Elements Castanets
All classes
Advanced Bata de Cola - Alegrias
Tuesday 18:00-19:00 Thebarton
Bata de Cola Technique for Beginners By appointment (Wednesdays) Thebarton
Alma Flamenca Performance Rehearsals
Monday 18:30-20:30 Thebarton
Guitar Classes, Cajon Classes and Singing Classes
By appointment
Alma Flamenca Dance Classes are held at 2 venues:
The Dancers Lab, Cnr Holland & Winwood St, Thebarton SA
Utopia Arts, 2 Percy Court, Adelaide CBD (just off Gilles St)


For details on class levels, dates, content and what to wear click here


Summer Bootcamp 2018

Multilevel training to develop strength and stamina for all levels above beginner level in footwork, upper body strength, turns and palmas with a special focus on fiesta pataitas (short breaks).
5 Workshops with Pepa Molina (Madrid)
Choreography - Abanico - Bata - Manton- Castanets
23-26th February 2017
All workshops are given in Spanish and English with live singing and guitar accompaniment.
Thursday Feb 23rd 630-830pm
For all students. The course will cover manton technique with a letra of Solea por Bulerias.
COLOMBIANA with ABANICO with Turn Techniques (4 hrs)
Friday Feb 24th 6-7pm
Saturday Feb 25th 130-3pm
Sunday Feb 26th 130-3pm
For elementary students but all are welcome to expand their repertoire
Friday Feb 24th 7-8pm
Saturday Feb 25th 3-430pm
Sunday Feb 26th 3-430pm
For people with some experience in these elements. You may choose to only focus on one element or both. BYO bata y manton or reserve a spare early with your registration.
TARANTOS with Turn Techniques (4 hrs)
Friday Feb 24th 8-9pm
Saturday Feb 25th 5-630pm
Sunday Feb 26th 5-630pm
This course will be pitched at an advanced level
Saturday Feb 25th 1230-130pm
Sunday Feb 26th 1230-130pm
Suitable for students with or without experience in castanets. BYO castanets or some will be on sale at the workshop
2 hour courses in full $80
4 hour courses in full $160
6 hours (2 courses in full) $230
8 hours (courses in full) $310
10 hours(courses in full) $380
12 hours (courses in full) $456
14 hours (courses in full) $530
16 hours (courses in full) $600
Observer Fee: $10 per session/or part of a session
Part Workshop/drop in rate: $50/hour (prepay if possible)
Payment & Conditions:

Please pay in full to register and secure your place in these workshops. Places are limited, especially in bata y manton class

Payment Methods: (in person is also possible)
Westpac Bank Details for e-transfers:
R Wijeyeratne
BSB: 735088
Account No: 505448
Description: YourName + no. of courses+Pepa
No refunds except under special circumstances
Details are subject to change
Venue: 27, Fifth St, Bowden
VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure when you are paying electronically that you clearly state your name. If you title your payment “Pepa Workshop” then I will not know who you are.

Please contact Alma Flamenca to register which workshops you will be doing.

Workshops 2016

Clarisa Di Salvo August 2-7th 2016

Workshops with Clarisa Di Salvo (Sevilla)
Dance - Singing - Theory - Palmas
2nd-7th August 2016

All workshops are given in Spanish and English with live singing and guitar accompaniment.


Level 1 - Tangos por Fiesta Choreography (5.5 hours)
(Elementary - Intermediate)
Clarisa style is funky fresh with the authenticity and charm of Andalucia. This workshop is to bring out the fun in your dancing, work the body to play with the tongue and cheek of Tangos. Clarisa will also instruct about improvisation, cante and tangos styles.

Friday 5th August 6-730pm
Saturday 6th August 2-4pm
Sunday 7th August 2-4pm
Cost: $220

Level 2 - Romance (5.5 hours)
(Advanced Level)
This level is for people with stable and well developed turns, posture, footwork and upper body. Approximately 6 years experience required (of course this is a ball park figure so give me a call if you are not sure if this is the level for you).

Friday 5th August 730-9pm
Saturday 6th August 4-6pm
Sunday 7th August 4-6pm
Cost: $220


Tuesday August 2nd (3 hours)
6pm - Cante Romance
7pm - Theory Romance y Bulerias
8pm - Palmas

Wednesday August 3rd (3 hours)
6pm - Cante Bulerias/Tangos
7pm - Theory Taranto/Tangos
8pm - Palmas

Thursday August 4th (3 hours)
6pm - Cante Tangos/Sevillanas
7pm - Theory Tonas y Seguiriyas
8pm - Palmas

Total: 9 hours
Cost of Cante, Theory y Palmas Classes:
$20 per hour
$50 per one full night of 3 hours from 6-9pm
$135 for all 9 hours ($15 per hour class)

PRIVATE LESSONS with Clarisa (Contact me)
Cante: $80/hour (student also pay the room rental if needed).
Dance: $100/hour (student also pay the room rental).

Please email me/facebook me/text me prior to making payment to inform me of what course you will be paying for ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

All prices above are in AUD

1. In person by cash
2. by Electronic Transfer

Name: R Wijeyeratne
BSB: 735088
Account: 505448
Description: CLARISA + YOUR NAME (e.g ClarisaSarahW)

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - Payment secures your booking

All classes will be held at Cinnabar Red 27, Fifth St, Bowden
For Booking and Information - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or facebook me :)

Clarisa offers more than just choreography. Sometimes it is so hard to find answers to the mysteries, secrets, handed-down knowledge and simply the different culture of Flamenco, but Clarisa not only has an incredibly Andalucian flavour to her dance style but is also a fountain of knowledge for many aspects of Flamenco.


Beginners Workshop January 23rd-24th
For beginners or to brush up! A 2-day 3 hour course before Term 1 to introduce the skills involved in FLAMENCO dance - arms, hands, posture, footwork, body movements, clapping and rhythms. A great way to learn the basics of flamenco and kick start your year of Flamenco!
Time: 2-330pm
Cost: $45
Location: Cinnabar Red Dance Collective: 27 Fifth Street Bowden

SUMMER BOOT CAMP 2016 - Every Tuesday and Thursday in January from 6-730pm

Multi-leveled high ebery training where dancers of every level will be pushed to develop technique and stamina. Training in footwork, marking, body work, palmas, turns y fin de fiesta palos.

Drop-ins Welcome!

Dates: Every Tuesday (5th,12th, 19th) and Thursday (7th, 14th, 21th) in January 2016
Time: 6-7:30pm
Location: Cinnabar Red Dance Collective
Cost: $120 for full course (9hours)
Casual rate: $25/class
Email to register: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Workshops with Pepa Molina (Madrid)
20-22 February 2015

GRANAINA - Libre (Elementary)
Friday February 20th - 6-7pm
Saturday February 21st - 1-3pm
Sunday February 22nd - 1-3pm
5 hours = $200

SEGUIRIYAS with Castanets - Elementary
Friday February 20th - 7-8pm
Saturday February 21st - 3-4pm
Sunday February 22nd - 3-4pm
3 hours = $120

SOLEA with Bata y Manton - Intermediate-Advanced
Friday February 20th - 8-9pm
Saturday February 21st - 4-6pm
Sunday February 22nd - 4-6pm
5 hours = $200

SPECIALS apply for doing more than one workhop

For more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

Adelaide Flamenco Workshop with Chachy Peñalver 2014

Friday September 5-7th 2014 - TWO LEVELS

Level 1 - JALEO
A course to primarily focus on upper body work with some footwork sections. Jaleo is a 6 beat rhythm with a fat grounded feel, and its choreographies are easily transferable into bulerias/alegrias as well.

Friday September 5th - 6-7:30pm
Saturday September 6th - 4:30-6:30pm
Sunday September 7th - 2-4pm
5.5 hours 
Cost: $190

Level 2 - FARRUCA
A higher levelled course to develop sharpness, style and sensitivity, and turns. with more challenging and fast footwork.

Friday September 5th - 7:30p- 9pm
Saturday September 6th - 6:30-8:30pm 
Sunday September 7th - 4-6pm
5.5 hours 
Fee: $190

Casual attendance Friday: 1.5 hours $60
Casual attendance Saturday or Sunday: 2 hours $80

*** There is also a special class on Thursday which Chachy will dedicate to a beaituful Alegrias Silencio. Invitiation for all intermediate to advanced students.


If you don't have a credit card to buy tickets, contact Roshanne.

Contact: Roshanne on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Originally from Venezuela, Chachy has wowed the flamencos of Australia and around the world with her lyrical style, uninque choreographies, precision, and passion. Anyone who did last year's workshops knows the body work she covers, how funky her breaks and footwork are, the theory she goes into and how much opportunity there is for exploring expression. Her videos on youtube will help for you to see what I mean!

Check out

VENUE: 27 Fifth Street, Bowden

Flamenco DANCE - SINGING - THEORY Workshops with Clarisa Di Salvo

21-26th April 2014 (all workshops with singing and guitar


3 Levels -  Elementary - All levels - Advanced
- ELEMENTARY Farruca Choreography (2 hours)
Monday 21st 6-8pm
Cost $60 (2 hours)
- ALL LEVELS Bulerias Fin de Fiesta to letras (5.5 hours)
Instruction on how to dance fin de fiesta with LIVE letras being sung during the class. Using  simple and effective marcaje, llamadas and remates, Clarisa will instruct on wats to enter, where to break and how to end a bulerias fin de fiesta.
Thursday 24th   6-730pm
Friday 25th       6-8pm  (Bulerias Theory is before this class)
Saturday 26th  12-2pm
Cost: $165 (5.5 hours)
- INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Alegrias Choreography (4 hours)
Monday 21st   2-330pm
Tuesday 22nd  6-730pm
Thursday 24th 730-830pm
Cost: $120 (4 hours)
- 4 THEORY WORKSHOPS (for dancers singers guitarists)
1. Monday 21st 4-6pm - TANGOS
2. Friday 25th 4-6pm - BULERIAS (Bulerias dance class follows)
3. Saturday 26th 2-4pm - SOLEA
Cost: $40 per  session
- SINGING Workshop (1 hour)
Tuesday 22nd 730-830pm Bulerias
Wednesday 23rd 6-8pm Tecnica y Tangos
Casual Classes are $40/hour
All classes will be held at Cinnabar Red 27, Fifth St, Bowden
For Booking and Information - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or facebook me :)


Flamenco Workshops with PEPA MOLINA - February 8-12th

This world class performer and teacher, who is based in Madrid, is coming to Adelaide for Adelaide Fringe Performances and Workshops! She is also available for private classes, including for bata de cola.

Elementary Level - BULERIAS Fin de Fiesta Basics

For elementary to intermediate students who want to learn the building blocks of bulerias, to learn a bulerias choreography in full, and to understand how to put a short fin de fiesta dance together. Very important knowledge for all flamenco dancers.

Saturday February 8th - 5-7pm

Sunday February 9th - 2-4pm

4 hours = $140.00

Intermediate-Advanced Level - BULERIAS CHOREOGRAPHY for different styles, solos and letras

For Intermediate to Advanced dancers who need bulerias material for their fin de fiesta and solos. Pepa's bulerias style has influences from the slick technique seen in Madrid to the wild gypsy style seen in the caves of Granada. I use her bulerias steps all the time because they are punchy and powerful and I'm sure you will too. She will look into the different letras (Bulerias de Utrera/de Lebrija/ de Cadiz/ de Jerez) and how these letras are used with different palos. Students will learn a lot of bulerias choreography, as well as theory about the different letras por bulerias, and how to use them in your choreographies.

Saturday February 8th: 7-8:30

Sunday February 9th: 430- 6pm

Monday February 10th:  6-730pm

Tuesday February 11th: 6-730pm

6 hours total = $210.00


Sunday 6-730pm

Monday 730-9pm

Tuesday  730-9pm

4.5hrs total = $158


SPECIALS for doing more than one workshop:

Beginners Bulerias (4) + Intermediate/Advanced Bulerias (6) =  $330   (not $350)

Beginners Bulerias (4) + Manton (4.5) =  $280   (not $298)

Intermediate/Advanced Bulerias (6) + Manton (4.5) = $346   (not $368)

Observer Fee: $10 per session

Casual rate: $40/hour



6 classes (90 minutes in length) of high energy training in footwork, marking, bodywork and palmas technique, to build strength, speed and clarity. For levels elementary and above.

** There is also an EXTENDED option to stay on for an extra 30 minutes of solea and bulerias choreography after each bootcamp session.

DATES: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7:30pm (until 8pm for extended)

7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st and 23rd of January 2014 (before Term 1  starts)



$120 - 90 minute bootcamp (payment due by Jan 7)

$160  - 2 hour bootcamp EXTENDED (payment due by Jan 7)

Drop in casual rate: $25/90 minutes

Drop in casual rate: $30/120 minutes

LOCATION: Cinnabar Red Dance Studio, 27 Fifth Street, Bowden

Contact me for further info.




Flamenco Theory, Dance, and Song (Cante) classes are being offered by Clarisa Di Salvo, direct from Spain

July 21-24th 2013

FLAMENCO THEORY CLASS - Sunday July 21st and Wednesday July 24th

For dancers, guitarists, aficionados & budding flamenco singers
Time: Sunday 3:30-5:30pm and Wednesday 6-8pm

Fee: $30 for the 2 hours

Sunday July 21st 2-3:30pm
Monday July 22nd 6-7:30pm
Tuesday July 23rd 6-7:30pm

Fee: $140/4.5hours
Casual session = $55/1.5 hours

Sunday July 21st 6-7:30pm
Monday July 22nd 7:30-9pm
Tuesday July 23rd 7:30-9pm

Fee: $140/4.5 hours
Casual session = $55/1.5 hours
Please book in advance.


What is the structure of a seguirilla?
Can you recognise all the palos and styles of flamenco singing?Do you know the different styles of Fandangos Abandolao?
Does the Caracoles dance have a silencio or not? 
What is the difference between a buleria de Jerez or Utrera?

Clarisa comes to Adelaide direct from Spain, not only with her impressive knowledge and experience in Flamenco Dance, but also the much needed knowledge of the Cante, Theory and History of the art which we love so dearly. 

Above everything, flamenco is about the cante...and without understanding the cante and the history of flamenco, we are only scratching the surface of flamenco itself. This class is for ALL FLAMENCOS: dancers, guitarists, aficionados, and budding flamenco singers.

Check out this link to learn more about the theory classes which she will be giving in ADELAIDE!

Flamenco Workshops with Chachy Peñalver - Click here for the facebook event page

13th-14th April 2013 
Elementary - Intermediate Workshop: Tientos
Saturday April 13th & Sunday April 14th
2:30 - 4:30pm on both days
Fee: $125 (4 hours)**

Advanced - Professional Workshop: Tangos
Saturday April 13th & Sunday April 14th
4:30 - 6:30pm on both days
Fee: $125 (4 hours)**

**10% discount for dancers paying full fees for both workshops
Casual attendance $40/hour or $70/2 hour session
No refunds except under special circumstances. Details are subject to change. Full payment by April 1st.
Venue: Alma Flamenca @ Cinnabar Red Dance Collective Studio
27, Fifth Street, Bowden, SA (cnr with Gibson St.)

For Info and Booking contact Roshanne
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Beginners Workshops

This beginner course is for the COMPLETE beginners or for those dancers who would like to refresh their core techniques.
It covers the complete basics of flamenco dance including arm shapes, hand movements, body movements, turns, and how to make funky music with your feet!

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of January 2013
Both days are 90 minutes classes from 10:30am-12pm
Cost: $45

Pre-Term1 BOOT CAMP January 2013 Adelaide

Pre-Term 1 Flamenco Boot Camp - Adelaide

4 x 2 hour sessions focusing on techniques to improve strength, compas,
speed, upper body coordination, turns-core control, & Palmas.
... Training that ALL FLAMENCO DANCERS require.

Elementary to Professionals
Click here for Beginners Workshops Information
Each class will build upon the last but you can attend casually.
Please let me know which sessions you are coming to :)

Wednesday 16 January 2013
Thursday 17 January 2013
Tuesday 22 January 2013
Thursday 24 January 2013

6:15-8:15pm for all 4 sessions

Each 2 hour session is $20 to be paid before the session.

Cinnabar Red Dance Collective
27 Fifth St, Bowden
Enter from Port Rd. Turn onto Gibson St where the The Gov is and follow the big CirKids sign

4th- 8th November 2012
Bata de Cola, Advanced & Elementary Choreography

Here are the 3 courses Pepa is offering in Adelaide:

Sunday 4th Oct 1:15 – 3:15pm
Monday 5th Oct 6-7:30pm
Tuesday 6th Oct 6-7:30pm
Thursday 8th Oct 6-7:30pm
TOTAL 6.5 hours
This course will be pitched at an advanced level. Intermediate students are welcome. 

Sunday 4th Oct 3:30-5:30pm 
Tuesday 6th Oct 7:30-9pm
Wednesday 7th Oct 6-7:30pm
Thursday 8th Oct 7:30-9pm 
TOTAL 6.5hours
After beginning with revision of technique on Sunday, most days will be dedicated to choreography. 

Sunday 4th Oct 11-1pm 
Monday 5th Oct 7:30-9pm
Wednesday 7th Oct 7:30-9pm
TOTAL 6.5 hours
This course is for elementary to intermediate students but all are welcome to expand their fin de fiesta repertoire and style! 

Tangos $200 (5 hours)
Fandango-Bata $260 ( 6.5 hours)
Tientos $260 (6.5 hours)

*10% DISCOUNT off total price for paying for 2 workshops in full! 
*15% DISCOUNT off total price for paying for all workshops in full!
Casual attendance: $100 for 2 hours on Sunday & $75 per 1.5 hour class.
Observer Fee: $20 per class or part thereof.

A 30% deposit is due by Saturday October 20th to secure your place. When your deposit is received you will receive an email of confirmation that your place has been secured. Placements are limited (especially in the bata classes) so please be quick! :)
Complete payment is due by 31st of October 2012 (for full & casual attendance) 
No refunds except under special circumstances 
Details are subject to change 
Venue: 27, Fifth St, Bowden (corner with Gibson St, near The Gov) 
* Check the times as they vary on different days

Payments can be made in person, electronically or by cheque. Please contact Roshanne to make payments. Thank you :)

Pepa Molina is an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed flamenco dancer who has performed in some of the most renowned National and International music and dance festivals, and flamenco tablaos. In 2004, she formed her own dance company “Compañía Pepa Molina” and has also performed in companies such as Manolete’s dance companies, with Eva “La Yierbabuena” and Manolo Marín as guest choreographers. In Spain, Pepa has taught at Casa Patas Conservatorium, The Antonio Canales School of Dance and Amor de Dios. She recently performed in “Flamencos XXIst Century” with Rafaela Carrasco, Manuel Liñan and Marco Flores and was feature artist for Apde Awards 2012 at Teatro Nuevo Apolo. Her personalised bata de cola techniques have been developed over her 17 years experience in this area and they have become her most demanded workshops internationally, especially because of their results. For more information visit Pepa’s website


4 WEEKS of Classes with International Flamenco Dancer Sebastian Sanchez

August 21st - September 15th 2012


Every Tuesday
6-8pm Technique & Tientos
8 hours in total

Every Thursday
6-8pm Advanced Technique & Seguiriyas
8 hours in total

Every Saturday
1pm - Beginners Technique
4 hours in total
2pm - Elementary Bulerias 
4 hours in total

OPEN LEVEL - Every Saturday
3pm - Bulerias por Fiesta: A special class looking at all the elements of Buleria: the entrance, marking to the letras, movement into a llamada, how to exit, and instruction on Jaleo & Palmas
4 hours in total

***Early Bird Specials. If payment is made on or before August 17 2012 the cost of each course is:

For the 8 hour courses = $120
For the 4 hour courses = $60

Normal Price:
If payments are made after August 17 2012 the cost of each course is:

For the 8 hour courses = $160
For the 4 hour course = $80

All single one hour classes paid casually are $25 per hour. Drop ins to classes are welcome :)

For more information on Sebastian's courses contact:

Roshanne Wijeyeratne
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Sebastian Sanchez
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it u



Beginners Flamenco &
Abanico (Flamenco Fan) Technique and Choreography (Registration Required)
20th-22nd January 2012
Venue: The Goodwood Institute, 166, Goodwood Rd, Goodwood
Click here to see our facebook page for this workshop

Bata de Cola, Master Class & Elementary courses (Registration required)
6th-10th April 2011
Australasian Tour - Adelaide Workshops
Venue: The Goodwood Institute, 166, Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

BATA DE COLA TECHNIQUE & SEGUIRIYAS (6th - 10th April) - 7.5 hours
Wednesday 6:30-8pm
Thursday 6:30-8pm
Friday 7:30pm-9pm
Saturday 3:30-5pm
Sunday 3:30-5pm

MASTER CLASS TARANTOS CHOREOGRAPHY - (8th - 10th April) - 4.5 hours
Friday 6pm-7:30pm
Saturday 2-3:30pm
Sunday 2-3:30pm

Saturday 5:30-7pm
Sunday 5:30-7pm

15 hours of instruction and training with Pepa Molina!

2 day Jaleo: $130
3 day Tarantos: $200
5 day Bata and Seguiriyas: $300

*** 10% DISCOUNT off total price for attending more than 1 workshops in full. A 30% deposit is due in February or as soon as possible. Full payment by March 31st. No refunds except under special circumstances.

Casual Attendance: $80 per class
Observer Fee: $20 per class or part thereof

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Pepa dancing an Alegrias