About the Company




The Alma Flamenca Performance Company includes a professional dance company and musical ensemble. The dance company is comprised of Roshanne’s most advanced and experienced dance students, all who have also trained under her instruction from 8-20 years. All company members have trained extensively throughout Australia and internationally, with most company members undergoing regular instruction in Spain.

The musical ensemble brings together some of Australia’s finest musicians and international guest artists including Alain Valodze, Adrian van Nunen, Zoe Velez and Aloyisius Leeson and international guests artists including Clarisa Di Salvo (Sevilla).

The Performance Company performs professionally at local world dance events, functions, galas, and festivals, most recently WOMADelaide 2017. Member of the company regularly perform with international flamenco guests and also performed at local and interstate venues.

Meet the Performance Company

Roshanne Wijeyeratne

Roshanne is the Director of ‘Alma Flamenca Dance School and Performance Company’ in Adelaide. She also conducts workshops throughout Australia for all levels of Flamenco dance. Roshanne spends part of every year residing in Spain, where she trains with some of Flamenco’s greatest maestros and performs by invitation both nationally and internationally, including most recently at Flamenqueria, Sevilla.

” The climax of the program.. It was exhilarating” (Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald 2018)


Anita Zazzaro

Anita began dancing Flamenco not long after Roshanne, where they met under the instruction of Liana Vargas. Anita has learned with Roshanne for almost 20 years and contributes an incredible amount of dance experience to the Performance Company. Also trained in ballet, jazz, tap and classical styles, Anita is soulful dancer with improvisation skills that leave audiences thrilling.

Adriana Morales

This Venezuelan-born Flamenca  came through the Alma Flamenca program from beginners through to advanced at record speed and after only 4 years was welcomed into the Company.  Tenacious and passionate, Adriana brings emotion and depth to her performance and is an exhilirating woman to watch.

Lisa Vertue

This explosive dancer started her dance career early learning with countless Flamenco teachers across Australia and has been a student of Roshanne’s for 20 years. Lisa is also a teacher at Alma Flamenca Dance School. She has a special combination of impressive strength, technical ability and power that is equalled by her ability to captivate an audience with true and honest expression. She lights up the stage.

Natalie Quici

Is it hard not to be mesmerised by the subtlety and finesse of this striking dancer, but don’t be fooled. With her musicality and staccato footwork, fiery turns and a deep understanding of Flamenco, Natalie Quici is both enchanting and electrifying. After beginning her training with Liana Vargas, Natalie then lived and danced in Spain and London training for extended periods of time with the great maestros in Sevilla and joined the Alma Flamenca team 8 years ago.

Sugika Nishiue
Sugika is a dancer gaining international recognition and opportunities while also teaching for Alma Flamenca in Adelaide. She was the first dancer to perform as a part of grand maestro Manuel Betanzos’ Espacio Propio program (Sevilla, Spain) and since has performed in Osaka, Japan. She has trained with Roshanne for 7 years, regularly trains in Spain and has recently returned from a year of training in Sevilla. Sugika’s impressive skills and honest expression brings a style that is sensual, powerful and undeniable.

Meet the Alma Flamenca Musicians and Special Guests

Guitar virtuoso Alain Valodze is an invaluable element of the incredible musical ensemble for Alma Flamenca. Alain plays with passion and emotion and his love of world music creates a rich and unique Flamenco sound. His music is not just something to hear, but something to feel.

Adrian van Nunen is an exciting part of the flamenco ensemble with his percussive sounds. Trained in Spain, Adrian is a skilled cajon player who understands Flamenco accompaniment and adds energy to any performance with his accents and punctuation.

This gorgeous Flamenco singer, Zoe Velez, is a regular collaborator with Roshanne both in Adelaide with Alma Flamenca and across Australia with her own Sydney Flamenco company Flamenkisimo. A drama graduate of NIDA, trained in both Flamenco dance and song, Zoe skills are an incredible display of Flamenco soul and arte. She commands the stage both in the quietest moments of Flamenco Jondo and in the fury of a Flamenco Fiesta!

Aloysius Leeson is one of Adelaide’s most experienced Flamenco guitarists who brings a puro sound and melodic depth to any performance. He has released several albums, most recently Florilegium in 2017.

This Argentinian triple threat now resides in Spain but tours the world annually/bianually for workshops and performances worldwide. Clarisa is not only a soloist dancer in the tablaos of Sevilla, she is also an accomplished Flamenco singer and palmera. She has joined the Performance Company in several shows presented in Adelaide including Flamenco Andalucia and Alma. Her vocals are compelling and her dance performance encapsulates everything that is Flamenco.

Director of the Sydney Flamenco Studio, Chachy Penalver rocketed into Australia from Venezuela 6 years ago. As a fellow Flamenkisimo member, Roshanne and Chachy collaborate on a regular basis in shows across Australia. Chachy has joined the Alma Flamenca Performance Company for their most recent artistic work “Ida y Vuelta”. Trained also in contemporary, Chachy has a unique interpretation of Flamenco that has it own mark. She has that ability to move an audience from raptuous applause to tears and back again with her incredibly interpretative movements and heartfelt expression.

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