In-schools Programs with Alma Flamenca

The staff of Alma Flamenca provide performances and workshops for a range of school contexts that are interactive and sensory; from urban to regional schools, and small groups to large assemblies. Whether you are simply looking for a cultural experience or want to delve deeper into the experience of language in context, Flamenco is a fantastic way to experience Spanish culture and language in a vibrant, colourful and memorable way. Workshops include live guitar, live singing, percussion and of course Flamenco dancing!

The Alma Flamenca Performance Company include several fluent Spanish language speakers and boasts two qualified language teachers, one who is qualified to teach Spanish language, the other in ESL. Our performers have years of experience with in-schools programs across South Australia.

To find out more about our programs, please contact us.



Roshanne and Alain, thank you for enriching our Spanish teaching program at Prospect North and Seaton Park Primary schools with your educational and exciting Flamenco workshops. The workshops were highly engaging for our students and offered an authentic experience to see language and culture come together. The students were really captivated!
All Spanish teachers at OAC highly recommend Alma Flamenca’s workshops.

Anna Werner, Open Access College (languages partnership program – Spanish) ~ 2017