Roshanne Wijeyeratne is Director of Alma Flamenca Dance School in Adelaide, founder of Alma Flamenca Dance Company and co-founding member of Velada Flamenco Performance Company. A performer, choreographer and teacher, Roshanne gives classes in Bowden, conducts dance workshops around Australia and performs both nationally and internationally, including in Spain and the U.S.

Born into a family of musicians, since early childhood, Roshanne has been trained in classical piano, voice and various dance forms, including Flamenco. Roshanne travels to Spain and the United States regularly (annually/biannually) for extended periods of intensive professional development in Sevilla, Madrid, New York City and Albuquerque. Training  under the instruction of Spain’s most respected flamenco maestros including Manuel Betanzos, Manuela Carrasco, Pastora Galván, Juan Manuel “Farruquito”, Pepa Molina and Marco Flores.

In August of 2010, after completing the intensive and comprehensive course developed by La Truco entitled “II CICLO DEDICADO A LA FORMACIÓN COMPLETA DEL BAILE FLAMENCO”, Roshanne was awarded the Beca de Oro (Gold Scholarship) for study at Madrid’s prestigious flamenco academy Amor de Dios in 2011. Roshanne is the first Australian artist to receive such an accolade and has been recognised by some of Madrid’s finest flamenco maestros, as an artist on the rise.

Roshanne’s experience as a teacher (BEd), musician, singer, and dancer along with her friendly nature are all a part of what makes her a unique teacher. She has the ability to explain the complexities of flamenco rhythms and the relationship between dancer-singers-musicans which is an integral part of flamenco dance and improvisation. Her techniques which have been collated from all over the world and developed from her vast knowledge of music and dance facilitate the opportunity for her students to not only feel the emotive music of flamenco but express it with intention from head to toe.

As a performer, her undeniable talent has seen her being scouted out of dance class with flamenco master Juana Amaya to perform at the iconic venue ‘La Carboneria’ in Sevilla, as well performing in Flamenco Tablao in Madrid, Flamenqueria in Sevilla and in Tablaos in New Mexico, She performed as a soloist for the the legendary flamenco singer Pepe de Lucía, accompanied by world renowned guitarist Oscar Guzmán for the Australian International Guitar Festival. Her performances have built her reputation as a ‘dancer gaining momentum around the world” (Kosta Jaric, Reviewing Adelaide 2010). Roshanne’s talent as a dancer alone is impressive with fiery, rhythmic footwork and a style direct from Andalucía, but her ability to express her genuine emotions through dance and emote at the same time is raw flamenco at its core.

“Roshanne Wijeyeratne’s main solo was the climax of the program… It was exhilarating” (Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald 2018)

“… the charismatic Roshanne Wijeyeratne, whose Seguiriyas was a high point of the evening… the stuttering stamp of Wijeyeratne’s dazzling feet, the suppleness of her yearning arms and her expressive facial mobility took the evening to another level.” (Alan Brissenden, Radio Adelaide 2011)

“The dancing by Roshanne Wijeyeratne (an Adelaide-based dancer gaining momentum around the world) is strong, fluid and rapid” (Kosta Jaric, Reviewing Adelaide 2010).

“The fiery and passionate Roshanne Wijeyeratne… a riveting solo” (Phil Callaghan, Ausdance 2009)

“Flamenco fans packed the Darwin Entertainment Centre thrilling at Roshanne Wijeyeratne’s dancing in particular” (Northern Territory News 2007).


Sevilla: Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito Juan Manuel, Belen Maya, Alicia Márquez (Paco Peña), Manolo Marin, El Torombo (Noche Flamenca), Manuel Betanzos, Ramón Martínez (Paco Peña), Pastora Galván, Isabel Bayón, Andrés Peña, Soraya Clavijo, Pilar Ortega, Miguel ‘El Rubio’, Ursula Lopez, Raphael Campallo, Eduardo Guerrera, Adela Campallo, Pilar Orgalla, Andrés Marin, Yolanda Heredia, Patricia Guerrera, Asun Demarco, Guadalupe Torres, Maria Angeles Gabaldon, and Juana Amaya.

Madrid: La Truco, Carmen ‘La Talegona’, Concha Jareño, Pepa Molina, Marco Flores, Maria Torres, Olga Pericet, Maria Juncal, Carmela Greco, Paloma Gomez, David Paniagua, and Alfonso Losa.

Granada: Carmen de las Cuevas

US: The National Institute of Flamenco – Joaquin and Maria Encinias, Auxi Fernandez, Nelida Tirado, and Omayra Amaya.


Recent Work

Tablao @ Senora POP in production (Sevilla, Spain September 2017)

‘WOMADelaide (Adelaide 2017)

‘Entrelazar’ (Hobart Tour, presented by Flamenkisimo 2017)

‘Dos y Dos’ Live recording YouTube film clip produced by Byron Mark (Sydney 2016)

‘Luz y Sombra’ presented by Flamenkisimo (Sydney 2016)

‘Flamenco! Live (Alma Flamenca 2016)

‘Entrelazar’ presented by Flamenkisimo (Sydney 2016)

‘Tiempo’ presented by Flamenkisimo  (Canberra 2016)

‘Tiempo’ presented by Flamenkisimo (Sydney 2015)

‘Flamenco LIVE’ (Alma Flamenca 2015)

‘Alma’ featuring Sebastian Sanchez 2015

Valentino Flamenco (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

Tablao Flamenqueria (Seville, Spain October 2014)

Flamenco Andalucia (Adelaide 2014)

La Macarena de Jerez (Gold Coast 2014)

‘Pepa Live’ Selective Works (Adelaide Fringe 2014)

Peña Flamenca featuring Sebastian Sanchez (Adelaide 2013)

Flamenco Tablao (Sevilla, Spain 2012)

Cuadro Flamenco (Madrid, Spain 2012)

The Sounds of Spain (Adelaide Fringe 2012)

The Hobart Flamenco Festival (Tasmania 2011)

Bizet’s Carmen with The South Australian State Opera (The Adelaide Festival Theatre 2011)
Cuadro Flamenco Tablao with El Bocadillo y Antonio Españadero (Artebar Madrid 2011)

Sounds of Spain with Flamenco Australia (Sydney 2011), Esencia Flamenca presented by Florian (Adelaide 2011), Bodegas Boutique (Ausdance Queensland 2011), Flamenco Fusion (The Basement Sydney 2010), The Adelaide International Guitar Festival’s El Corazon del Flamenco with Oscar Guzmán and Pepe de Lucía (The Adelaide Festival Main Theatre 2010), Carnival Choreographer’s Ball (Sydney 2009), Winter Flamenco Festival with Casa de Flamenco (Adelaide 2009), Florian Una Noche de Flamenco (Adelaide 2008), Marina Tamayo presents Flamenco Tablao with Antonio Vargas (Sydney 2007 & 2008), The Shell Darwin Guitar Festival with Oscar Guzmán (2005 & 2007), Flamenco Tablao (New Mexico 2007), La Carboneria (Sevilla 2003).

Velada Flamenco Performance Company

Museo del Grito (Adelaide Fringe Festival 2007), Florian Una Noche de Flamenco (2008), Supermegafashion @ Higher Ground Inc (throughout 2006), Adelaide Fringe Festival (Fringe Club 2006 @ Higher Ground Inc), Sincopa (2005), Primavera (2004)

Teatro del Mundo (Liana Vargas)

Universal Playground (Adelaide Festival of Arts 2004), La Guerra (Adelaide Fringe 2004), Bellingen Flamenco Festival (2003), Gypsy Bazaar (SALA 2002), WOMADelaide (2002), Adelaide Cabaret Festival (2002)