Guest Workshops


Date: Mon February 18
Time: 630 – 830pm
Location: Utopia Arts, 1 Price St. Melrose Park (opposite Castle Plaza)
Cost: $90

Date: Saturday February 16
Time: 10-12pm
Location: Thebarton, contact Roshanne for details
Cost: $100 for 2 hours
Thank you to Aloysius Leeson for being such an important part of making this guitar workshop possible. It is open to ALL Flamenco guitarists of all levels across Adelaide.

INDIVIDUAL or DUAL private classes are available with Paco on Monday February 18th. Please contact me to organise a class with Paco.

Contact: [email protected]

Francisco Lara Puerto (Paco Lara) is an acclaimed flamenco guitarist from the authentic cradle of Flamenco that is Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
Embodying the unmistakable and genuine Jerez style of flamenco guitar playing, Paco has toured Internationally including alongside legendary guitarist Maestro Paco Cepero. Apart from his skill as a formidable soloist, Paco is also revered for his ability as an accompanist in the specialised world of flamenco singing (Cante) and dance (Baile).


This Venezuelan has devoted most of her life to dance, moving through different disciplines since 7 years old (Contemporary Dance, This Venezuelan has devoted most of her life to dance, moving through different disciplines since 7 years old (Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Flamenco and Latin-American Folklore). Her studies have been developed in both Venezuela and Spain for over more than 18 years, leading her to win a scholarship in the prestigious CDFCBF (Ciclo Dedicado a la Formación Completa del Baile Flamenco) at ‘Amor de Dios’, Madrid (2013). She has been part of international companies like Siudy Garrido’s Company and ‘Venezuela Viva Company’, with whom she served as Soloist and Lead dancer, for over 6 years. In the 16 years of her professional career, Chachy has performed in prominent theaters in Mexico, Colombia, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Spain. Today she is living in Sydney and teaches audiences of all ages.

TANGOS CHOREOGRAPHY with Technique for Turns (Elementary to Lower Intermediate)

Friday Jan 19th 6-7:30pm

Saturday Jan 20th 2-3:30pm

Sunday Jan 21st 10:30-12pm

Total 4.5hrs

This level will cover fundamental techniques for various turns and will build a choreography por Tangos focusing on expression in the body, diverse body techniques and remates por Tangos. Perfect to end a Tientos, Tarantos, or Farucca or to develop your por fiesta material.

SOLEÁ POR BULERÍAS CHOREOGRAPHY with Technique for Turns (Upper Intermediate to Professional)

Friday Jan 19th 7:30-9pm

Saturday Jan 20th 3:30-5pm

Sunday Jan 21st 12-13:30pm

Total 4.5hrs

This level will be pitched at an advanced-professional level. It will cover advanced turn techniques and will develop a falseta and a letra (including remates) in Soleá por Bulerías. If time permits, an escobilla will be covered por Soleá por Bulerías.